Within each class, the instructor will lead the group in many different training activities depending on their experience and belt degree. Furthermore, Hwa Rang Kwan instructors will provide exercises and advice based on personal attention of each individual’s needs.

Training for discipline will be emphasized in each class disregarding one’s experience and age, since it is one of the pillars to success for any style of martial arts. The differences between classes will notably be the exercises, techniques, and training taught by the instructors; since many of the advanced techniques and exercises become more demanding and rigorous to master.

Hwa Rang Kwan’s class structures are usually broken down to first perfecting one’s forms and basic techniques, followed by an assorted variety of training activities. Some of these include sparing with a partner, footwork exercises, and kicking, all of which may be accompanied with focus pads.

Light contact sparing sessions will usually be conducted at the end of class to advise one’s progress, while serious sparing sessions can be scheduled for those seeking a challenge or those who wish to further hone their skills.


Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that emphasizes discipline, respect, and personal growth; and is well known for its emphasis on rapid and powerful kicks.

Applying oneself at Hwa Rang Kwan will improve one’s fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination, concentration, and discipline. It will also develop their self-confidence, make them feel more calm, and help reduce stress. Studying martial arts at Hwa Rang Kwan will build one’s strength and stamina, while strengthening their mind and body.

Practicing martial arts will not only provide a good workout, but is also a great stress reliever. Both mental and physical improvement are ensured to develop over time, since discipline is required to strengthen the two elements.

History of Hwa Rang Kwan

Hwa Rang Kwan is the oldest Korean martial arts center on the west coast. It began in May 1965 when Reverend Chung Ryul Song gave the name “Hwa Rang Kwan” to a Korean youth group in San Francisco, California.

At the same time, young Master Shin opened a Hwa Rang Kwan dojang (martial arts studio) in the Miahdong district of Seoul, South Korea.

Grandmaster Shin

In 1971, young Master Shin arrived in San Francisco, and continued his training and teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1996, the Hwa Rang Kwan headquaters was relocated to Redwood City, California, and is now located at its current location in Belmont, California. Hwa Rang Kwan now has over fifty Hwa Rang Kwan branch dojangs in the world.

Grandmaster Shin has spent over fifty years studying martial arts. He is one of the very few who have achieved the highest rank in both Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation – Kukkiwon, 9th Dan) and Hapkido (World Hapkido Federation, 9th Dan).

As a combat and self-defense instructor, Grandmaster Shin was responsible for training the renowned Korean Tiger Division, the Green Beret, the Jungle Ranger School in Vietnam, and has trained the United States Military for ten years. Grandmaster Shin is also an instructor for Standford University and a professor of both Seoul Sports University and United Arts College.